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Jill Dalton is an Army brat. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, went to high school in Germany and lived on several army bases throughout the south. 

She's an award-winning playwright whose plays, Whistle-blower (2015) and Collateral Damage (2014), were both semifinalists in the Eugene O'Neill Playwrights Conference. Her stories have been published in Auntie Bellum Magazine, Progressive Activists Voice, Pine Hills Review, Delmarva Review, Evening Street Review, and her book, My Life in the Trenches of Show Business, is available on Amazon.

Jill is also an accomplished actress and has performed on television, in film, and on and off Broadway. Her acting credits include Saturday Night Live, Law & Order, FBI, and Oliver Stone's Wall Street.

She enjoys walking in Central Park and taking care of her bossy cat, Magpie. 


August 20, 2020

Act 1 of My Life in the Trenches of Show Business was #1 in Theater Acting & Auditioning and is available on Amazon. Act 2 will be out soon with Act 3 waiting in the wings.

Jill Dalton-My Life in the Trenches of S

Recent Publications

Delmarva Review Vol 14

Jill Dalton's essays have been published in Auntie Bellum Magazine, bioStories Magazine, Delmarva Review, Evening Street Review, The MacGuffin, Packingtown Review Journal, Pine Hills Review, and Progressive Activists Voice.


No Business Like Show Business

Delmarva Review Vol 14
Available on Amazon.com

Jill dreamed of being an actress since she was ten years old dancing and singing in her parent’s living room. She dreamed of opening nights on Broadway and the accolades that came with it. However, the reality of being a working actress in New York City turned out to be quite different than what she imagined.

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Featured Client for Writer's Relief

Jill Dalton is an accomplished actress, an award-winning playwright-and a self-proclaimed jaded New Yorker. So when she wanted to get her essays published in literary journals, Jill was a bit skeptical about using Writer's Relief. Happily, Jill Learned our reputation for success is well-deserved: She's been published in Delmarva Review, Evening Street Review, and The MacGuffin, just to name a few!


Pine Hills Review

As I ascend the spiral staircase, I hear the Technotronic jam of “Pump Up the Volume” blaring as it ricochets off the cement walls. Five o’clock sharp, I enter the studio, where I’m swallowed by a Phil Spector wall of sound. Straight ahead is Studio One. The windows, mirrors, and glass door are obscured by steam from all the sweat. Roberta, the gatekeeper to the kingdom, is stationed at her post in front of the cash register. She knows everything and everyone by name. Nobody gets past her. She’s the all-knowing, all-seeing, evil Yoda.


"Every word a woman writes changes the story of the world, revises the official version.”

—Carolyn See



New York City

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