Writing Journey

Jill Dalton has been telling stories since she was a kid. Many of them were tall tales created from her imagination. In 1990 she was in the middle of a divorce so she started doing stand-up comedy and won the Mary Jo Comedy Show Award in 1994. This short-form whetted her appetite and she began writing short solo pieces and performing them around New York City which lead to writing solo plays and performing them as well. She was commissioned by the East Lynne Theater Company in 2007 to write a solo play about the notorious Lizzie Borden. She received the Jacoby Award for her portrayal of Lizzie and the play went on to tour RI, MA, & AZ. Next, she tackled two full-length plays and both were semi-finalists in the O'Neill Playwright Competition. Then she began writing short stories about her acting life as well as her life as an Army Brat.